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Our three sons, Daniel, Aaron, and Ariel, were treated at Creekside Orthodontics. Today, all three of them have nice teeth thanks to the professional and excellent service of the doctors and personnel at Creekside Orthodontics.

My wife Viviane and I always feel very calm and confident with the treatment given to our children, as well as the results shown and given at the end of treatment.

Six years ago, we moved to Placerville halfway through Ariel’s treatment but since we liked Creekside Orthodontics so much, we continued to come here even though it meant long trips to and fro.

Soon we hope to commence treatment on our fourth son, William, and will continue to make the long trips to Vacaville because of our confidence in and satisfaction with this practice.

Thank you all,

The Barrantes Family

I began treatment with Dr. Portalupi at Creekside after transferring to Travis AFB from Little Rock AFB with the U.S. Air Force. At the time, I was approximately halfway through my Invisalign® treatment, which I had begun while stationed at Little Rock.

Dr. Portalupi and his staff immediately began the process of transferring my care and provided me with an extremely generous discount as their way of saying “thank you” for my military service.

Throughout the course of my treatment, I have been treated with a great deal of respect and care. At the very least, my case was above average in difficulty, yet each challenge faced was met with a level of expertise I can only describe as “outstanding.”

After having shopped around for orthodontists in Arkansas as well as California, and after having been treated at multiple orthodontic facilities, I can accurately and honestly say that Creekside Orthodontics is at the top of their class in experience, expertise, and treatment of their patients, not to mention their extremely competitive if not unbeatable pricing and flexible payment options.

I simply can't imagine it as possible to have had a better orthodontic experience. I would like to extend my thanks to the entire treatment team at Creekside. You have made my dream of having a beautiful smile into reality.

Chris Weston